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Injured Lamar Nelson needs $750,000 for career-saving knee surgery soon

The talented midfielder, who lit up the Premier League for Arnett Gardens in the 2012 season and earned his first Reggae Boyz cap in the Caribbean Cup in Antigua and Barbuda, has been sidelined following an injury that has kept him out of action for well over a year.

Nelson, 23, who was seen as the man to replace Jermaine Hue in that crucial creative midfield role for Jamaica, has dazzled many fans with his tricky, creative passes, vision, free kicks and goals.

“I had some good times until I made that transition to Waterhouse. But after just four games I picked up a nasty injury. I was contracted to the club for a year. I am very disappointed how the situation was dealt with,” Nelson told the Jamaica Observer.

“This is why Jamaican footballers will always have it hard to get a break because there is no commitment in the club system,” he noted.

“At one point I was thinking, is this it? But with God’s will I hope I can represent again in the 2015/16 season,” said Nelson.

But Keith Sailsman, team manager at Waterhouse, claims Nelson’s situation is an unfortunate one beset by financial constraints, which puts him on a waiting list with other injured players.

“He got injured and was supposed to do a surgery. But the cost was over a million dollars and up to now, we have two other surgeries pending in Vincent Earle and we just got out of the Kenroy Howell situation,” Sailsman explained.

“It is really a financial burden we have up here. That player possesses certain skills that we need at the moment, but as you know there is a financial constraint that affect not only our club, but all clubs,” he added.

“He is out of contract with Waterhouse, but we haven’t been contacted by anyone regarding his movement. So he is still considered a Waterhouse player because we looked after him in the same breath. Contract or no contract, once our players are injured, we still have that caring factor,” said Sailsman.

But as it stands, Nelson is really in no-man’s-land with Waterhouse struggling to find the cash necessary for the surgery and no other club willing to take up that burden at this time.

Nelson, who had recovered well from a nasty broken leg in 2009 that took six months to heal, will need Santa Claus to deliver that Christmas gift that would surely bring a smile to his face.

But with a surgery that will cost $750,000 in these harsh economic times, Nelson will need a special prayer .

Will something turn up in the proverbial Christmas stockings?


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