Inside Fantasia & Antwaun’s Baby Shower! Couple’s Baby Boy’s Name REVEALED?

Fantasia and Cook had their friends and fam in full force–100 guests to be exact–at Villa Antonio in Charlotte, North Carolina over the weekend.  Fantasia arrived in a limo with her boyfriend and child’s father Antwaun.  And they had their celeb friends like Anthony & Tarsha Hamilton (above) there to celebrate as well.0e9d74ff

2e17d1a6The shower was a Mickey Mouse theme and lunch was fully catered Italian cuisine.

Fantasia’s brother, Rico, did an impromptu performance for his sister with Fanny’s band.  And we hear the baby boy on the way has already been named “Dallas.”

We’re told the baby is due in December, and people were overheard talking to Fantasia about “Baby Dallas.”  Sounds like Zion will have a little brother named after the Texas city.



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