Interschool Championships Start Friday

Others have classified the three day affair as the local “Mini Olympics” given the exposure of the top track and field athletes in the country.

This year, eleven educational institutions will be vying to secure the title of Inter School Champion”. These include the Basseterre High, Washington Archibald High, Immaculate Conception Catholic School, Cayon High, Verchilds High, Charles E Mills, Saddlers Secondary, Charlestown Secondary and the Gingerland High School, AVEC and the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College.

The battle for supremacy will be staged at the recently renovated Silver Jubilee Athletic Stadium.

Public Relations Officer of the St. Kitts and Nevis Amateur Athletic Association, (SKNAAA), Mr. Evris Huggins, said his association is anticipating a very exciting athletic meet, one of a very high standard and a packed stadium on all three days of the events. He is also pleased with the general public’s response to this year’s warm up activities.

When asked about the preparedness of the SKNAAA, he asserted that the Management Team was very prepared and ready for the commencement and that the only setback was that the newly laid track was not as clearly marked out as the old one. However, the events will still be taking place under the usual professional conditions.

Washington-in-streets.jpg2The bragging rights for 2012 went to the Washington Archibald High and according to some reports, the entire staff, student body and athlete community are already hyped and ready to regain the title for a third consecutive year.  This however will not be an easy feat however as the other contenders have their own predictions for how the weekend with turn out and who would in fact be taking away the top prizes, which this year will include cash rewards.

This year’s Interschool Championships will run from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th March.  The prizes for the year will be as follows:

Winner – $5,000.00

2nd Runner Up – $3,000.00

3rd Runner Up – $2,000.00

4th Runner Up – $1000.00

5th Runner Up – $750.00

6th Runner Up – $500.00

Patrons are very excited about the Cheerleading Competition on Friday 22nd March. Only three schools will however compete in the increasingly popular contest and these are now ICCS, Washington Archibald High, and the Charles E Mills.

Fans are also ecstatic over the finals of all of the field and track events on Sunday 24th March and also the announcement of this year’s winner.



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