Island Flavours/Juici Patties hits Fort Street

Kittitians love to eat, and this new establishment is just a different flare to the KFC, Church’s Chicken, Subway and Dominos Pizza that we are used to.

The first ever Juici Patties franchise started in Maypen, Jamaica in 1980 by a humble Fisherman turned Baker named Mr. Jukie Chin. Chin coined his business from his home before moving to a 6×10 shop of his own. Chin now owns over sixty Juici Patties outlets in Jamaica and one factory that make the patties specifically for his franchises. He also owns one Patty factory in Canada.

This establishment has expanded to other Caribbean Islands such as the Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, the Turks and Caicos and now St. Kitts.

Island Flavours/Juici Patties is the first of its kind in the Caribbean as expressed by Mr. Andre Amritt a Director of the establishment. He explained that the aim of this Outlet is to give quality products at affordable prices.

Its menu includes: chicken, meat, beef and cheese patties. It will also be selling Fish, Conch and Red bean soups and a variety of daily specials which will include rice, vegetables and a selection from curried goat, jerk chicken, fish and pork.

Island Flavours/Juici Patties is located on Fort Street just below Mic Stokes’ Store.






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