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Island Wide Power Outage in St. Kitts Sunday

Electricity consumers in St. Kitts have therefore been advised to prepare themselves for the island wide, 10 hour power outage that will take place from 4:00 am to 2:00 pm.


The St. Kitts Electricity Company, SKELEC, has explained that the work to be done is to facilitate an inspection of its distribution system.


Customers have therefore been advised to make the necessary arrangements for smooth operation of their standby systems including making arrangements for sufficient fuel to operate them for the ten-hour. This is why, said SKELEC they have provided almost a weeklong sensitization exercise.


The outage is expected to affect many different aspects of daily life on Sunday. Some restaurants, gas stations, shops and stores, and other facilities have had to adjust their usual Sunday operations.


As usual, the SKELEC also warned consumers that not-withstanding the notice, the supply may be restored at any time without prior warning and that the company regrets any inconvenience, which the interruptions in electricity supply may cause.


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