Israel-Palestinian violence: Kerry to meet Netanyahu and Abbas

Seven Israelis have died in knife and gun attacks by lone Palestinians that began earlier this month.

More than 40 Palestinians, including several attackers, have been killed.

Mr Kerry’s announcement came as the Israeli military removed Jewish worshippers it said had illegally entered a religious site in the occupied West Bank.

Thirty Israelis arrived at Joseph’s Tomb in the city of Nablus, sparking clashes with Palestinians.

“Later this week I will meet with [Israeli] Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu because he will be in Germany… and then I will go to the region, I will meet with [Palestinian] President [Mahmoud] Abbas, I will meet King Abdullah [of Jordan] and others,” Mr Kerry said at the UN cultural body UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris.

Mr Kerry said he would also hold meetings on Syria while in Europe.

His comments came as Israel and the US resumed talks in Jerusalem on future military aid that Mr Netanyahu suspended in protest over the nuclear deal the US and other world powers have agreed with Iran.

Israeli security forces have imposed tighter restrictions in Jerusalem and the West Bank, and there have been clashes with Palestinian protesters.

The upsurge in violence began in September when tensions at a flashpoint holy site in East Jerusalem revered by Jews and Muslims boiled over amid rumours Israel planned to relax long-standing rules to strengthen Jewish rights at the complex.

Israel has repeatedly denied such claims.

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