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It Has Happened Again-Another Murder

According to early reports from local authorities, dead is Leo Herbert of Cotton Ground, Nevis, the district represented in the Island Assembly by the Premier of Nevis, Joseph Parry, who recently said he has been working assiduously to help some of those with troubled backgrounds, to turn to more productive and legal activities.

Police have confirmed to that Herbert was found dead with injuries to the head.  Other reports have stated that he was shot multiple times to various other parts of the body.

The body, according to police, was found at 1:24pm today, in Bath Village, not too far from VON Radio. It is believed that he may have been shot since Tuesday night, at which time residents said they remember hearing gun shots in the area, but it was not until this afternoon, that the body was found, with the victim lying face down in a pool of blood.

More details, when discovered, will be provided as police investigations continue

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