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It’s a Boy! Bed-Ridden Fantasia Reveals that She’s Got A Son on the Way!

The “Bittersweet” singer is set to have a baby shower next month and we have the little detail that she revealed ….

Down in Charlotte, NC on October 1, Fanny, Teeny,  Aunt Bunny (Chile please!) and the rest of the family are having a big baby shower to celebrate the upcoming birth of the singer’s second child.

And S2S is  reporting that Fantasia is set to deliver a baby boy.  How did she reveal the news?  She cleverly dropped a line on the invite that read, “It’s a Boy.”

Whether you feel some kind of way about the circumstances or not, Fantasia has had a helluva ride the past year or so.  With the torrid affair, the suicide attempt and now the pregnancy, she has a lot to sing about and I’m sure that next album will be full of passion.  Babies are always a blessing. 

Congrats Fanny!

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