It’s J’ouvert Morning

This is the event that is most looked forward to when it comes to Culturama, as nationals, joined by their visiting friends and families, engage in a public display of fun and frolic, dancing through the streets, to the sounds of the latest calypso and soca music pounded out by the popular bands and sound systems.

With a scheduled start at 4:00am, the event is expected to culminate just before midday, once void of violence and or any other type of public disturbance.

J’ouvert is also a time when Nevisians and Kittitians, unite in celebration of their culture, especially their music, food, drink and dance.

It is also a time when they reflect on the struggles of their African ancestors who were enslaved and eventually set free on 1st August, 1834, from the bondage of slavery.

Culturama, and j’ouvert, in particular, is therefore designed as a celebration of freedom.

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