Its Nomination Day in St. Kitts & Nevis

Basseterre, 27th May, 2020, ( – Wednesday, 27th May, 2020, has finally arrived, and the political tempo is now at feverish points across St. Kitts and Nevis. It is Nomination Day and much excitement on the streets today is to be anticipated.

Some 22 candidates, from five political parties, are expected to be formally nominated and registered as candidates.

No Independent candidates are anticipated this time around.

On the island of Nevis, six (6) candidates are likely to step forward to place their names in the contest- three (3), from each of the two parties, namely – the Concerned Citizens Movement,(CCM), and the Nevis Reformation Party, (NRP).

The hot race to watch on Nevis, will be in Constituency Number 11, between a 20 year parliamentary veteran, Patrice Nisbett of NRP and Alexis Jeffers, of CCM.

On St. Kitts, sixteen nominees are expected to emerge; five, (5), from the Peoples Action Movement, (PAM), three, (3), from the People’s Labour Party, (PLP) and eight, (8), from the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party.

Both the PAM and PLP, are working in coalition with the CCM, while the NRP is also in alliance with SKN Labour Party.

The hot races in St. Kitts are likely to be between the candidates in the Central Basseterre constituency-Jonel Powell, from PAM, who is making a second attempt to unseat, SKN Labour’s, Marcella Liburd, who has had two terms in Parliament.

Back in 2015, Powell, was able to create one of the biggest voter swings in decades, when he narrowed a 2010 margin of victory by Liburd , over then PAM candidate, Roy Flemming.

In that 2010 race, Flemming was defeated by 431 votes, but Liburd in 2015 only managed a victory over Powell, by 98 votes. This time around, the race is expected to be even much closer, and some political experts are calling it a race too close to call at the moment.

The situation in Constituency Number One, will also be closely monitored. The PAM candidate there, Ian Patches Liburd, who won his first term in 2015, by only 4 votes, is coming up against a new Labour candidate, Geoffrey Hanley.

There had been many reports circulating that there might be some issues regarding the qualification of Hanley, to be nominated.

The reports indicate that he holds dual citizenship, (US), but is seeking to have it renounced ahead of the nomination deadline today, Wednesday.

However, Hanley did in fact get nominated. There is perhaps more that will be heard about this matter in coming weeks and months.

The other hot pocket of interests will be in Constituencies Number Eight, between the candidates for PAM and Labour and also the contest in Number Six, between candidates for the two Labour parties, SKN Labour and PLP.

It will be of much interest, even though the incumbent, Denzil Douglas of the SKN Labour Party, easily won that seat in 2015, by 1,769 votes, against PAM’s Vernon Connor.

This time around, Douglas faces a new comer, Kevin “Ninky” Williams, of PLP.

The elections will take place on Friday, 5th June, 2020. Over 45,000 voters are registered to vote in the poll.

Photos: (L) Labour Party Leader with supporters; (R), PAM and Team Unity supporters and candidates on Nomination Day, 2015

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