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It’s PhunnMaker’s Time


The group which is this year celebrating 10 years of carnival involvement, will be hitting the roads for Carnival Day Parade, with a presentation entitled, “10:40, Phunn and Mas, Carnival Gems of Class”

Phunnmakers remains the currently longest running troupe in the federation and the only troupe that participates in both Culturama in Nevis and National Carnival in St. Kitts. They have travelled internationally, spreading their culture and receiving many awards.  In the past they have been known for the Phunn and now another accolade will be added for their longevity.

“We find ways to make Phunn even through the guava crop season, with creative means,” said a spokesperson.

Phunnmakers mas’ Camp philosophy is based upon the theme of being authentic Kittitian while expressing creative pageantry in a kaleidoscope of cultural elements.  Founded over 10 years ago, the group is preparing to stage its milestone production for this year’s national carnival in December

“We hail our premium Sponsor, Carib Brewery St. Kitts Nevis Ltd, who has been with us since our inception and we welcome back OD Brisbane who joined us last year,” said the official.

The troupe will be divided in the following sections:

Diamonds Section – Silver/Aluminium the symbol for 10 years

Rubies Section – Red a symbol of 40 years

Sapphire Section– Blue our symbol of jubilation the gem for Phunnmakers

“The bonus section brings out our authentic heritage and celebrates our African and Amerindian ancestors,” remarked the official.

Members of the public are being encouraged to support the group. The Registration Fee is $250.00, by 24th December and $275.00 thereafter. For more information 466-2821, 662-2257 or

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