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IT’S THEIR ANNIVERSARY: The Carters CELEBRATE “4” Years Of Marriage….While Beyonce Kicks Off Her OFFICIAL Tumblr (SNEAK PEAK)

And Beyonce is celebrating by kicking off her official Tumblr with her own stash of personal pics for her swarms of fans in her “Beyhive”.  
Any Beyonce stan knows that “4” is her (and her hubby’s) favorite number, for many reasons. fcfcab3d

So it’s only right Bey does something extra special for their 4th wedding anniversary…like opening up a more personal part of her life via her new Tumblr account.  Even her baby had one before she did.

Though they initially kept their relationship on the hush-hush, the couple has now become one of the most powerful duos in the industry and isn’t scared to offer up a peek inside their relationship any longer.

Her Tumblr designer, Matthew Siskin, revealed that Bey has over 150 pics to start off with…and there’s plenty more to come.8bbcc5a0

Check out a few sneak peeks (including the one above) of what will be on the official Beyonce Tumblr when it opens today (the password requirement will be removed when it officially opens) .













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