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Jamaica bank improving electronic security after mass Target breach

NCB’s Senior Assistant General Manager for Strategy, Group Marketing & Communications, Nadeen Mathews, says while the bank has always had security provisions, it is adding enhancements to those arrangements, in light of the recent development.

“It is a global concern for all institutions and so the only thing that we can confirm today is that it is something that our operations and technology unit continually looks at. Pirates are very good at sending emails with fake websites or downloading Trojans on your machine that can compromise security irrespective of what is on the banking website. 

She stressed that consumers have to play a part in ensuring that their information is safe as well, hence the bank would also be placing emphasis on a programme of educating the public to the threats to the security of personal information that might be encountered online.

Last month, Target announced that several customers had been victims of data theft from software installed on machines used to swipe credit cards. he Caribbean countries eligible to participate in the visa programmes as Barbados, Belize, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Haiti and Jamaica.

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