Jamaica banning funerals from next week, to help fight COVID-19

By MyVue News.com Staff Reporter

Basseterre, Monday, 1st March, 2021, (MyVue News.com)-With some 517 deaths and 22, 817 confirmed cases, as of Sunday, 28th February, 2021,Jamaica is this month taking stricter measures to help curtail the spread of the Coronavirus.

The new rules to come, will affect both funerals and weddings.

Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, has ordered that no funeral orders should be issued but that those funeral services already scheduled for 1-7 March, will be able to proceed as planned. However, even these will face strict guidelines, allowing only 15 attendees, which would include clergy members.

For those getting married, their wedding ceremony attendance has been cut by 50% to just 25 persons.

Part of the reason for the higher numbers allowed for weddings, explained Holness, is that from statistics gathered, more people attend funerals than those that do weddings.

Speaking during a press conference on Sunday evening, Prime Minister Holness said, “We have to take this drastic action because we do not see any willingness on the part of our brothers and sisters — not everyone, because some people do comply — but we are seeing a significant level of non-compliance in this area.”

However, a recent study by Market research Services have revealed that only 3% of persons surveyed admitted that they contracted the virus while attending a church service.

Most person, (55%) indicated that they picked up the virus while at work or traveling on public transportation, (leaving or heading to work).

Those indicating that they picked up the virus from social events, like parties, or from family members, was 16%, while another 17% remained unsure.

The government said that for the next 3 weeks, new restrictions will also be placed on in-person worship at churches island wide.

No more than 10 persons will be permitted, and these include the praise and worship team, musicians, technical teams facilitating online streaming and ministers.

The government has indicated that these new measures will be reviewed on 22nd March, 2021.

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