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Jamaica to Benefit from US$30m IDB Loan to Help Poor

The IDB said that the beneficiaries are mainly children between the ages 0-18 years, pregnant and lactating women and adult members of PATH beneficiary household.

One of its components will finance conditional grants ranging from US$750 to US$1,265 per month to eligible children and pregnant women who comply with a series of co-responsibilities dealing with a pre-set number of clinic visits per year and with school attendance.

A second component will strengthen the PATH by supporting parenting education workshops for beneficiary households with two to six year old children focusing on their nutrition, discipline, safety, learning, and health needs. This section will also upgrade services, facilities and equipment for the early stimulation program for children with disabilities.

A third component will focus on improving labour market outcomes through development of links between social assistance and labour markets, advances in national employment services, and establishment of an on-the-job training pilot for members of PATH beneficiary household.

It will subsidize up to three months of training in private firms for 1,500 beneficiaries, help expand the current electronic labour exchange, and conduct studies aimed at developing a national employment strategy.

The IDB said the fourth component will support modernization of the School Feeding Programme and will finance activities to advance preparation of the planned School Feeding Policy and strengthen the programme’s administrative structure.

(Reprinted from Carbbean360)

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