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Jamaican drug mules fined over $50K

John Planter and Ricardo Mills were respectively required to pay $35,000 and $18,000 forthwith.

Planter pleaded guilty to possession, importation, intent to transfer and intent to supply three pounds of cannabis to other persons. Mills, who had ingested one and a half pounds of marijuana and imported it into the country, admitted guilt to possession, intent to transfer and importation of the controlled substance.

He denied the charge of intent to supply the drug to others.

For each man, the alternative to the fine is the maximum sentence of two years.

The visitors were detained and questioned on arrival in Antigua on November 15 because authorities suspected they were drug mules.

Police said they admitted to ingesting marijuana-filled packages.

They were taken to Mount St John’s Medical Centre where they passed out a combined total of a four and a half pounds of the drug.

The drugs were valued at $18,000.

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