Jamaican woman detained in beheading of four-year-old

Police said that the woman had confessed to beheading Natasha Brown, a student of the Duanvale Basic School, earlier this week and subsequently led law enforcement officials to the area where the body was dumped.

The dismembered body was recovered by Marvin Grossett, a member of the community, after fire fighters and police had difficulty in reaching the bottom of the 25 foot deep sinkhole.

Grossett later told reporters that after he reached the bottom of the hole he saw the infant’s head beside a black plastic garbage bag in which the child’s torso was concealed.

Media reports said that the killing may have been spanned by jealousy as the woman, in her early 40s, had been estranged from her common law husband Ewan Brown, who told reporters that their 16 year relationship had ended four months ago.

The child was born out of a relationship with another woman in the community.

He admitted there was not much love lost between the two women but he didn’t expect that it would have resulted in Natasha’s gruesome murder.

“I simply can’t believe it. How could someone do something like this to a child?” he asked.

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