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JAMKIT Association to Continue Promoting Unity in 2011

President of the Association, Carol Phillips, in her New Year’s Message for 2011, expressed that notwithstanding the “challenges, successes and failures of 2010”, 2011 is earmarked a as a time for the unfolding of new horizons and to “set and realise new dreams”. 

“In this our home away from home, may we (Jamaicans) continually strive to be the best in our area of service.  As we make contributions to improve the quality of life here in St. Kitts & Nevis, we will also improve our personal quality of life and that of our loved ones in Jamaica. Let us resolve that, with the help of our creator, we will not be daunted by any negative situation that comes our way and that the true resilient Jamaican spirit will come to the fore and see us through.” 

In an interview with Phillips explained that part of the process of improving their quality of life in St. Kitts is the strengthening the bond that they have, thus promoting unity. 

She declared, however, that presently no innovations have been birthed regarding the promotion of unity but indicated that the traditional activities – celebration of Jamaican and St. Kitts Nevis holidays and festivities – will continue to be used as an avenue though which the unity of Jamaicans who reside in St. Kitts, can be promoted. 

Asked why unity is one of JamKit’s goals, Phillips simply replied, “Unity is strength. We support each other. If one is falling down, we assist them along the way…” 

May all the Jamaicans, other residents and citizens of St Kitts & Nevis achieve success in every area of their lives. We wish for all residents and citizens in St. Kitts & Nevis a truly fulfilling and prosperous 2011,” Phillips greeted. understands that according to JamKit’s list approximately one hundred Jamaican are members of the association.


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