Jenkins/CFBC offers a way to stand out

This has been going on for the past three years, and they are about to start the fourth edition in November. The program is spearheaded by Peter Jenkins of Jenkins Ltd and Jenkins Real Estate, and he talked to about the unique program.

Jenkins, who has had business, organizational and para-military training and experiences, said he had the opportunity to benefit from numerous leadership-training programs, and thought others could benefit from his experiences and training.

He said, “I thought that the younger generation could benefit from something that can help them improve on their leadership skills and avoid some of the mistakes, which I made, and that would allow them to grow much faster and be able to make a more meaningful contribution to their families, to their organizations and to their country.”

Jenkins said it took him seven years to start the program while be built the confidence to package and present the program. It is a leadership-training program that was done in collaboration with the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College from its inception four years ago.

He explained, “I took it to CFBC. It was a gift for our Independence. Our company made the contribution. We have not charged anything for the program over the past three years. So, students would have had an opportunity to benefit from this type of training virtually at no cost, when you compare what is charged for similar courses at other institutions.”

Individuals of various ages have gone through the 18-week duration training, some as young as 22 years and as mature as 56 years. Jenkins said that participants have come from the armed forces backgrounds – Police, Defense Force, Coast Guard, others have come from state corporations such as the Port Authority, Social Security, Customs, Government, as well as from the Church and the Teachers Union.

This course is designed for beginning and experienced professionals and managers. According to the organizers, it will benefit persons in leadership or those persons seeking leadership positions. Much emphasis will be placed on critical, creative innovative, strategic and tactical thinking, Jenkins said, as well as problem-solving and effective communication skills.

One of the reasons for doing the course, he said is that he found many people did not have a strong sense of our history where our leaders played a strong and prominent role in everyday struggles. He said, “We thought we should try to reignite that leadership fervor, the rich history of our people, getting them to understand who they are and what they are capable of.”

Jenkins continued, “Our people have been all over the world and have served with distinction in all areas, and they, too, can be successful. If they can achieve that, then they will be well on their way to achieving their full potential, seeing themselves as people who could be successful in the world, and not just in St. Kitts and Nevis, but internationally be successful.”

Getting into the program is quite competitive. Jenkins indicated that the course is usually over-subscribed, resulting in the need to do some selection for the 34 available spaces. He informed, “The earlier that persons apply, the better it is for them. They have a better chance in terms of selection, in terms of getting into the program.”

Among the topics covered are Leadership, Innovation, Time Management, Principles of Management, Communications and Team Work. Jenkins also disclosed that the program benefits from guest speakers who present specialized topics or issues.

“These are successful people coming in from the community who would lecture on various topics. We have been fortunate in that they share the vision of what is being done and do not charge for their services.”

“There is a wide range of topics. It involves a lot of introspection. It is preparing students for leadership, and it is not an easy course,” Jenkins said, while informing that 5 to 10 percent of registrants who start drop out. He said the course requires work and commitment of students who must carry out and successfully complete a practical business project in order to graduate from the program with certification from the CFBC.

Registration for the course opened Monday 12th October. Persons must register in person at the CFBC Administrative Office, Burdon Street Campus. There is an application fee of $25 and the deadline for applications is Monday 26th October 2015. The course consists of three main modules, each is of six weeks duration and will commence on Monday, 2nd November 2015.

The main Facilitator will be Management Consultant R. A. Peter Jenkins, CEO of Jenkins Limited and Jenkins Real Estate, complemented by a cadre of professional guest lecturers.

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