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Journalism student in Taiwan appealing to other nationals to apply for scholarships


The appeal was recently made by Journalism and Communications student, Donya Francis, of St. Paul’s St. Kitts, but who is currently an undergraduate student at Ming Chuan University.


Reflecting on his own experiences since responding to the opportunity two years ago Francis indicated that he has been pushed into a privileged position for future success. He also drew reference to the many challenges to “step outside the box” to participate in competitions that he would likely not have done if he were at home. He commented on the benefits that have accrued as a result, including a greater sense of personal value and greater respect for different cultures.


He admitted that his appreciation for the Taiwanese people and their culture has grown significantly, since pursuing studies in the Asian country.


For Francis, it has not all been about the academics because he has also operate as an unofficial ambassador for St. Kitts and Nevis, while in Taiwan, where he was surprised to find that many there were unfamiliar with the Caribbean Region.


Since he began his studies in Taiwan he has had a number of personal accomplishments, which included being published in the 24th Edition of Ming Chuan’s University Literary and Arts Magazine.


Donya also placed second in Mr. International 2013, second in Rock of Kara Competition and was a part of the International College Freshman Choir in 2012. Additionally he reported that he has been to schools to educate them about St. Kitts and Nevis and the wider Caribbean.


“I am now able to communicate a little in Chinese which I believe would be a plus for me when I return home.” Donya stated.


With the close diplomatic ties between the Taiwan and St. Kitts and Nevis, since 1983, Francis is urging other young persons at home to grab the opportunity by applying for the available scholarships which are now available online at They can also be accessed via

Currently the Embassy of the Republic of China Taiwan is inviting persons interested in pursuing studies in Taiwan to take advantage of the opportunity which offers studies in a number of areas. Medicine has now been added to the list of study options, said a release.



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