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Journalist comes in for heavy criticism from Konris Maynard

At a press conference held on Thursday, 26th February, Maynard lashed out at the media, more specifically, a female media practitioner for her line of questioning at the briefing. 

The journalist (name withheld), who has been practicing for many years, questioned the Labour Party on financing of its election campaign, while making a comparison with that of the Team Unity coalition.

The former calypsonian, now politician, indicated that he was ‘taken aback’ by the line of questions that he said was “one sided”, during his verbal attack on the media professional.

He later sought to find out if the said reporter was representing the agenda of the coalition Team Unity.

Senior broadcaster at WINN FM, Ken Richards, later interjected and sought to correct statements made by Maynard.

Meanwhile, president of the St. Kitts Media Association, Clive Bacchus, indicated that Maynard had a choice whether to answer the question and not to belittle the media like he did.

“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he knows who she is. So, he was probably displeased by the line of questioning. It is up to him, essentially, if he wants to respond or not to a journalist, especially when a press conference is called for journalist to ask questions. She is well within her right to ask any question she deems appropriate,” Bacchus explained.

Bacchus, who is also the president of the Caribbean Media Association, said that whether or not she belongs to another organization is of no relevance.

“The questions were being asked in the public’s interest. People are allowed to have their own views and still belong to an organization and still ask questions,” Bacchus noted, adding, “It suggest that there was some impatience or downright disregard for answering the particular question,” said Bacchus.

Maynard also challenged the media to be more “balanced” in reporting.


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