Judicial financial bleeding must end – PM

He told the media in has last press conference that only three of 35 cases were tried and 32 were traversed to the current criminal assizes. He expressed belief that Hamilton will help bring order and structure to the DPP’s Office and the judicial system in general.

Prime Minister Harris stated, “Dane Hamilton’s support is a constructive boost to the criminal justice system and much tutoring and mentoring would be had by those in the Office of the DPP. The positive action which the Team Unity Government has taken to resolve the tenure of the former DPP has brought stability, finality and has allowed for forward movement in relation to criminal prosecution.”

Harris charged that the country was losing a lot of money in the judicial system He said, “Appropriation warrants for unlawful arrests for 2014 was about $11 million.”

But Harris further revealed continued issues with the processes. He stated, “In the May assizes, five cases were Nolle Pros by the former DPP.” The prime minister indicated that the situation resulted in substantial claims against the State. Harris said, “The consequence of these actions and others is that claims just under $10 million to date confront the tax payers of this country. Certainly, we could not allow this hemorrhage on the public purse to continue.”

Meanwhile, to help reduce the backlog of cases, the Government has proposed a second high court. Prime Minister Harris confirmed this when he said, “Early in 2016, we will witness the official opening of a second High Court sitting in Basseterre. Discussions have been between the Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice and the Office of the Chief Justice on this most important development in the fight to advance law and order in our country.”

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