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Juelz Santana ARRESTED For Making Terrorist Threats?!

On Thursday, Juelz Santana aka LaRon James was busted by cops in New Jersey on suspicion of making terrorist threats and disorderly conduct.  And while the cops wouldn’t reveal which “threats” the rapper made exactly, they did impound his Bently after he refused to let them search it.

For now, LaRon is back at home after being released a few hours later on $46,500 bail. He later took to twitter to discuss his car, but was mum about making “threats.”

“A! Police impounded my bently so I guess I gotta bring the rose out! fuck they thought that was my only car lol #Whooooaaaaaa.

A! My car was parked an they asked to search it. an I said no. so they locked me up an said will call a Judge for a search warrant smh wow.”

And apparently he felt like he was on a photoshoot as he added,

A! How many mugshots they gonna take of me smfh!!! 46k ba

SMH….we will keep you posted.


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