Junior Calypsonians Given Opportunity to Perform

The small crowd which attended the rally had dwindled away leaving mere dozens of people supporting the young calypsonians.

Ten out of the 12 junior registered calypsonians, performed on the evening with a majority of them voicing their opinions about the youth anti-social behaviour and the crime and violence situation.

Also at the tent, the young calypsonians pulled for their order of appearance for the Junior Calypso show, which will take place on Friday 16th December, with the Talented Teen Pageant.

The order of appearance in which the calypsonians will perform is as follows:

  1. Singing Caper
  2. Lady Nia
  3. Singing Solution
  4. Mighty Dan
  5. Princess D
  6. Miz Charismatic
  7. Mighty Saani
  8. Mighty Reke
  9. King Scribbles

10. Singing Shaddy

11. Mighty Midget

12. King Leo    (reigning king)

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