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Junior Carnival in St. Kitts

This year, organizers have renamed the event Junior Carnival, dropping the previous title of Children’s Carnival.

The parade was scheduled to begin at 2:00pm, starting from the Dr. William Connor Primary School, in West Basseterre, making its way to the downtown city centre, where the children will perform for the public; expected to be lining the streets of the capital. It however go off to a very late start.

This year, the costumes were be based on a theme of National Pride, incorporating children from both the primary and secondary schools on the island.

To facilitate the event, some companies closed half day, allowing their employees to witness the spectacle while others assistde their children who were participating in the parade.

Some parking restrictions were applied to certain streets in the capital, making it easier for the bands and junior mas makers to maneuver the narrow roads of the city.

The participants were placed into five zones, each depicting a different aspect to demonstrate the national pride of the people.

Features captured in the presentation included Warner Park, Berkeley Memorial, The Poinciana and Mount Liamuiga, along with others.

Winners from the various junior carnival events, such as the Talented Teen Contest and Junior Calypso Competition, were also on parade.

There was some disappointment expressed by members of the public, as this year, the parade was much smaller than previous times. In recent years, organizers have been greatly affected by the poor level of sponsorship, and support from teachers, who in the past played a  tremendous role in preparing the costumes and the children, but this once high level of support has been steadily dimisnishing.

The children joined in the senior Carnival Day parade on Tuesday, New Year’s Day, helping to add more colour and splendour to the annual festivities.



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