Justin Bieber Strips Naked to Bare His Butt on a Boat!

While aboard a boat, the 21-year-old “All Around the World” singer stripped naked and invited fans to “look” at his bare butt on Instagram late Monday night. Sure, Bieber could have been telling his fans to “look” at the beautiful view he was pointing towards…but let’s not play dumb, OK?

In nine hours, the photo received 1.3 million likes and 402,000+ comments.

Needless to say, Beliebers lost their damn minds on Twitter:

Bieber offered no explanation as to why he shared the nude selfie.

Miley Cyrus took notice of the photo after posting a picture of Rihanna‘s rear on Instagram. She zoomed in for a close-up and captioned it, “Bieber VS Rihanna.”

Bieber is quite proud of his body, telling Men’s Health in April, “You know, I’m just getting bigger, man. It’s like, my shoulders don’t fit in some things.” After the issue hit stands, however, the magazine was accused of digitally enhancing the singer’s muscles. Such speculation was swiftly shot down, as a behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot proved. “Being on the cover of Men’s Health is really, really cool,” a buff Bieber said. “I love the fact that I got in shape the past two years, and I’m finally getting recognition for it.” The singer also addressed his haters, saying, “It’s not Photoshopped for all you fools out there saying it’s Photoshopped.”

A rep for Men’s Health also denied the speculation, telling E! News that Bieber looked “amazing.”

No word what the magazine thinks of his latest money shot.


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