Justin Bieber Tells Sheriff’s Deputies to Pound Sand — My Cell Phone Is My Secret!

Law enforcement sources tell us … during the raid on Bieber’s home, a member of the Sheriff’s Department asked the singer if they could take a look at the texts … to see if he bragged about the egging of his neighbor’s home.  We’re told he immediately shut them down.

Now get this … It’s been a week since the search and the Sheriff’s Department has NOT cracked the code.  One law enforcement official tells us … they have no interest in looking at Bieber’s unrelated photos or texts.  They have some sort of machine that can isolate the time frame around the egging so that the only texts that come up are from that period.

Our sources say the Sheriff’s officials now think they may have to get another search warrant — this time from Bieber’s phone carrier — to get the elusive texts.

Or, they should just call the NSA.

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