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JUTC announces change to ‘Pay for Other’ feature amidst abuse

Beginning January 5, the ‘Pay for Other’ icon will only allow for payment of adult passenger fares of $120 per person.

“Concession passengers whose fares are paid for them by other cardholders will now have to get their own Smarter Cards or pay the full adult fare of $120,” the State-owned bus company said yesterday, disclosing that it was forced to make the changes because of abuse of the system.

“The JUTC …was forced to take this action because of abuse of the ‘Pay for Other’ feature by passengers who use it to access concession fares for people who should be paying the adult fare. The practice has been frequent among the offenders, resulting in the company losing thousands of dollars,” the JUTC explained.

“The company is emphasising to commuters that although the ‘Pay for Other’ icon will remain on the validators in the buses, if that icon is pressed the validator will issue an adult ticket and the adult fare of $120 will be charged,” the bus company added.

The electronic collection system was introduced amidst heavy revenue leakage on the buses. However, employees at the bus company have found creative ways to continue embezzling funds, despite a series of arrests. The company reports yearly losses and requires frequent Government subventions to stay afloat.

Meanwhile, yesterday the JUTC said that it had undertaken recent improvements to include reduced processing time for the topping up of Smarter Cards and an increase in the number of top-up locations.


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