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Kandi & LaTocha Scott Reveal Unresolved Issues In 90′s Group Xscape

Just a few weeks before the concert, Bow Wow slammed Kandi for ditching the festivities, so it’s no surprise that she skipped out on the concert altogether; however, it wasn’t because she felt as though she was too big or too good to be a part of the concert. 

Due to unresolved issues and tension with other group members, Kandi would love to leave Xscape in the past.

In her newest interview with Sister 2 Sister, she revealed:

I’m just going to be honest and tell you, I don’t feel like all the members of my group, they don’t really have love for me like that. Tiny has love for me, but over the years people have told flat-out lies about me in public, dogged me, and blamed me for everything that went wrong in their life. To me, it’s just a situation where I feel like I don’t want to go back to that.

To this day now, I have to see people try to say that I had sex with Jermaine’s father. She said that just to make me look bad to people. She came back to apologize to me, but she never apologized in public. It’s not true. It was a flat-out lie. When people do stuff to try to damage you or bring you down to the public, that’s hateful.

That’s just not something I want to revisit.

Although LaTocha made headlines years ago when she went on Hot 97 and slammed Kandi for sleeping with Jermaine Dupri and breaking up the group, she says that she has no idea what unresolved issues Kandi is talking about. While catching up with Egypt, she said:

“My thing is the only unfinished business I can think of is the fact that we didn’t go onto the other albums that we were supposed to do. Other than that, I don’t understand where the unfinished business comes in at. I don’t know what she’s talking about.We talk. I mean times you know…we kind of spread out. Everyone found out what life was like outside of the group so I don’t know. You know when she says unfamiliar business; I would have to talk to her.”

“I would love to do a reunion with Xscape. Why not? I think we owe it to the fans, to the people. They put us all here. You know we’re successful and people were calling us because of what the fans allowed us to do and that’s the scene. You know the universe opened up for us in ’93. We were able to sign to So So Def very early on. We worked hard and to be here now, it’s like 20 years later, who can even say that?”

“Personalities clashed back in the day. We really didn’t have that person to say listen, you guys are sisters, ya’ll try to pull it together. Young, naïve, and everybody just felt we could do better on our own.  We had been traveling years and years. It was like a marriage. Everyday you see Xscape. You wake up to Xscape. You go to sleep to Xscape. So I just think everybody was at the point where it was time to move forward in our own direction.”

“I don’t know why people want to continue to hold on to the negative. I think we’ve all progressed in life, you know, everybody’s doing their thing. Big ups to Tiny and Kandi for standing in their lane with the television show. It’s great for them. And I just don’t understand why we have to keep going back to the negative. I want to move forward. I want to see 20 years, you know what I’m saying? This whole 20 year reunion is big for me, but to say you’re not going to do it because you feel like we have unfinished business is…I don’t want to say it’s insulting to the fans, but it’s like come on, it’s not even about that. Let’s get out of self and let’s think about what we did for music.”

Should Kandi have put those unresolved issues aside and perform anyway?

We can’t really blame her for not wanting to revisit the past. When someone goes on NY radio and says those type of things about you, it could damage your reputation forever. Luckily, she bounced back.

Reprinted from Necolebitchie

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