Kanye Serenades Kim K and Performs New Track ‘I Am A God’ At MET Gala

He took to the stage to preview some new music from his mysterious forthcoming album that has an anticipated release date of June 18th. Judging from the Vine clips posted by model Coco Rocha and Huffington Post blogger DJ A-Trak, Kanye’s new tracks have a lot of primal screaming and yelling.

One clip features Kanye doing a drop kick-like motion and singing, “While they bring you down, you’re so awesome,” which could be taken as a jab at Ray J. In response, Kim tweeted a photo of Kanye on stage with the caption, “Baby, You’re Awesome,” and Coco Rocha tweeted, “Kanye telling Kim not to worry what anyone says that she’s awesome. Quite touching really.”

There’s also a 7 second video of Kanye screaming all over the place, saying, “I am a God.” If rumors are true, that may also be the title of his new album. 

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