Kanye West Sued

David Pryor wrote and sang “Bumpin’ Bus Stop” with his band Thunder & Lightning in 1974. Two of his children, Trena Steward and Lorenzo Pryor, each own about a quarter of the tune.

They claim that 13 seconds into Kanye’s “Gold Digger”, his massive 2005 No. 1 hit comes a sample of their father’s song.

 If you listen carefully, you can hear what’s allegedly Pryor’s voice say “Get down” three times, echoing Kanye’s line, “Get down girl, get down, get down.”

Steward and Pryor want a judge to stop the sale of “Gold Digger” which is very weird since it’s been out for 8 years.  And, of course, they want damages, and lots of them. 

Warning to Steward and Pryor … None of the people they’re messin’ with appear to be broke.

Reprinted from TMZ

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