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‘Keep Our Graduates Here’ – Jarrett Calls For Measures To Stem Brain Drain

Jarrett, who was an honorary graduand and guest speaker during the second of two graduation ceremonies at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus, on Saturday, said the leaders in the region must also recognise the value in their own people.

“In the region where our economy is heavily dependent on services for some 70 per cent of our GDP (gross domestic product), there is no point looking under the earth for solutions to build our society. We must open our eyes and recognise that it is the attraction and retention of the people that makes the difference,” Jarrett said.

He added: “It is unacceptable for this region to continue to experience the rapid migration of 75 per cent of our tertiary-trained graduates. We cannot abandon ship without thinking of the responsibility which is embodied in each individual as a determinant of the region’s economic growth.”

Additionally, Jarrett told the graduates to push for a legacy that will make the region more hospitable and welcoming to persons outside.

According to Jarrett, it has been proven that cities that are more hospitable attract greater talents and achieve greater economic growth.


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