Kerry Washington Covers Elle Magazine

Inside, Kerry pegs herself the “luckiest broad in Hollywood,” while revealing that she didn’t grow up seeking that type of fame. She also reveals her primping process for those many red carpets she’s been hitting and her method of choosing work. “I’m drawn to work that scares me… drawn to work that intimidates me…

They say if you’re dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

Peep some excerpts and more pics below:

On Her Success
 the luckiest broad in Hollywood now. To be the lead actor on “Scandal” and to be in the highest-earning Tarantino movie – I don’t get to ask for more.”

On How She Never Thought She Would Be a Model or Film Actress
“I was not that girl. I was a
 kooky theater kid, silly and goofy and academic.”

On the Career She Thought She’s Pursue
“I imagined I’d be a
 clinical psychologist, with a focus on how performance shapes identity. I’d figure out ways to use role-playing in the healing of people.”

On How She Gets Primped For the Red Carpet
“I found out I enjoy the process. All these people
 show up at my house, they all have kits, someone has dresses. And it’s like, Let’s have fun. It’s not all about me. We’re able to create stories on the red carpet.”

In the behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot, she also reveals:

How She Chooses Her Roles
I’m not drawn
 to work that I Think is going to be provocative for other people, but I am drawn to work that I think is going to be provocative for me. I’m drawn to work that scares me…drawn to work that intimidates me. I guess really the word is I’m drawn to work that challenges me artistically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually. I mean, I did something that I’ve never done before when Quentin called me to offer me the role I burst into tears. I think half of that was sort of being entrusted with the honor of playing Broomhilda, and half of that was because I was so scared out of my mind. One of the most challenging projects I’ve ever been a part of. It really stretched me as an actor and as a human being.

What it was like to work on her upcoming comedy, “Peeples”
I think comedy is a real challenge. There’s nothing harder than comedic timing and I loved the script. I loved that even though the film is about an African American family, the story is kind of colorless. This is a film that belongs to any family, every family, can identify, and I really like that. It’s a story that’s totally universal and completely inclusive.

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