Keys Man Gets Assistance from NAGICO for Spinal Surgery

The man, 26 year old Dion Berry was recently paralyzed during an accident and had been seeking the public’s assistance in paying for a surgery to repair his spinal cord.

He was therefore much delighted when NAGICO offered to make a contribution to cover medical expenses for a surgery which may give him an opportunity to walk again.

General Manager of NAGICO Insurances; Adrian Smith, said the company was very pleased to be able to make such a contribution which will not only help Berry financially but may also have a positive impact on his life.

“We learnt of Dion’s sad plight from his sister who came to work at NAGICO on an internship programme and we immediately felt compelled to assist and offer some support.  The family is finding it quite difficult to get all the monies together and as an insurance provider, we at NAGICO are doing our part as a social partner of this community and also fulfilling our corporate responsibility by assisting this young man,” Smith said.

He also urged other members of the community to make a donation, as this surgery is very expensive and very urgently needed. “I would like to take this opportunity also to appeal to anyone who would want to assist the family to contact us here at NAGICO and we would make arrangements for that assistance.”

Keys-Man-gets-help-mother.jpg2The presentation was made at the NAGICO Branch office by NAGICO’s Senior Medical Representative; Sherrima Ferlance and accepted by Victoria Berry; Dion’s mother. Victoria expressed her gratitude to the Management and Staff of NAGICO Insurances for this timely and generous donation and said it would go a long way in helping Dion meet medical expenses in Trinidad where he is scheduled to have the surgery. 

Berry sustained serious neck injuries earlier this month while diving at Majors Bay, during a beach birthday party celebration for his sister.


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