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Kim Collins Wins Gold in Russia

That is why they make certain that they keep in touch with his progress and his continued success and achievements on the athletic track, including his grand victory this weekend in Russia.

On Sunday 3rd February, 2013, Collins, the former World Champion in the 100m, defeated a field that included his fellow Kittitian, Antoine Adams and British athlete, Dwain Chambers, in a 60m dash at the IAAF Indoor Grand Prix in Russia.

Collins won the meet in a time of 6.57 seconds, leaving Adams to take third place and Chambers second.

Official results:

1. Kim COLLINS – 6.57
2. Dwain CHAMBERS – 6.63
3. Antoine ADAMS – 6.67
4. Maksim POLOVINKIN  – 6.70
5. Rakieem SALAAM – 6.74
6. Aleksandr SHPAER – 6.76

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