Kimi-Lee Knight is top CSEC performer

In an exclusive interview with Knight, who attended the Basseterre High School, said that she was overwhelmed with joy after learning that she was the nation’ top student.

“I was really excited, and it’s definitely a huge accomplishment but right now I’m focusing on moving ahead. I try not to get caught up in the moment,” Knight said.

The teen who acquired a total of 13 CXC passes, 12 of which were grade ones, said that her preparation for the exam meant that she had to strike a balance between her regular extra-curricular activities and her studying.

“It was a lot of hard work and late nights. One of the most important things is that you have to work out a study schedule that works with your other activities. I also had to make sure I got a lot of sleep and eating properly,” the top student said.

The science student added that because she is actively involved in music and martial arts, doing subjects that tied into her regular activities meant that she had to miss a couple of classes in Physical Education; one of her favourite subjects.

When asked about how her school’s relocation to the Washington Archibald High School affected her preparation, Knight had this to say, “Actually in all honesty it did. The students at Washie were very accommodating, but, the change was disruptive, because we didn’t know the physical location of our classes.”

She added that on a number of occasions, students from BHS were seen running around trying to find space, chairs and class schedules, which were a hassle for many, especially those who were preparing for CSEC.

Knight explained that apart from the testing time of CXC, the good news not only exited her teachers and peers, but her mother and father who helped her through the preparation.

“My mother started dancing literally. She just ran around the house for days and my father won’t stop talking about it. I feel great for that because they were up with me during the nights and it almost felt that they were going through it with me,” Knight said.

Knight is currently working towards a placement at an international university. “I’m hoping to compete in Taekwondo. I am also heading into the studio to try to release an album… and all this will account to my college credit.”

When asked about how her success can aspire others, Knight said, “I think that persons looking at me should not feel discouraged, but rather say if she can do it so can I, because I am not someone who sees myself better or higher, everyone is born the same. It’s really about finding things that you can work towards.”

Knight said that she is also looking at her options of studying engineering school at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

The other top performers at the recently concluded CSEC examinations were; Sheldon Richards of Saddlers Secondary (12 passes, 10 ones), Diwane Mills of Basseterre (11 passes, 10 ones), Philmon Roberts (13 passes, 9 ones) and Keandra Maynard of Charles E. Mills Secondary (11 passes, 9 ones).


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