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King Astro elated about becoming first Nevisian to win Calypso Monarchy

Speaking to Oscar “Astro” Browne after his win on Monday night (29th December), the newly crown king said that while preparing for the annual competition, several persons told him that singing in the first position on the line up for the final eight was a ‘risk’.

“A lot of people were worried and I said to them number one is a perfect position, when I dropped my bomb it was difficult for the others to catch up and I proved to them that number one was not as difficult as they said,” the new Kaiso Monarch said.

He added that the night could not have been any more perfect as his band members and several other persons who assisted in his win were all on point. “I really don’t know what to say it’s a special win and a joyous and happy feeling,” Astro said.

Astro added that amidst the negativity he experienced during the different stages of the competition, he always remained focused on the goal ahead.

“I came here to St. Kitts to compete and so I put my best out and only expected to win. I told everyone that tonight (Monday) was the perfect atmosphere for me to compete and win and I did it,” Astro said.

Although the new king said the win hasn’t “soaked in as yet”, he is planning to compete in the 41st Annual Culturama Calypso Monarch competition and then move on to the Leeward Island Calypso Competition in August 2015. 

“I am looking forward to those two shows and I want to prove to everyone that I can perform outside of St. Kitts and Nevis and make the federation proud. So when the Leeward Island competition comes up I will be there,” Astro said.

Astro told in an exclusive interview after the show that the level of competition from this year’s contest was high, adding that although he was in a competitive mood, there were several calypsonians that were his biggest friendly rivals.

“I came into the show and I always told people that the people I had my eyes on were Lord Kut, Lady Diva and Socrates… But I kept saying that I feel like that this year’s competition would be too much for the competitors,” Astro said.

Astro thanked former calypsonian Creighton Pencheon (Mighty Crusader) for writing his songs.

Browne placed 3rd runner-up in last year’s Senior Calypso Competition. He also led over a dozen Calypsonians in the elimination stage of this competition with a total of 243 points.

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