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King Honesty Shares Secret to His Success

The king shared his thoughts on Thursday 20th December, just minutes after winning the crown in the third annual King of the Tents Calypso Competition.

Honesty, whose real name is, Leary Hobson, said that from January to December he is constantly writing lyrics for possible competition pieces; until his song book is abound with carefully strung words and eventually the decision is made on which lyrics to “pull out” (utilize).

He pointed out that in order to participate in such competitions, much is involved. He begins by writing lyrics as early as 12 months in advance. Thereafter, he engages in many hours of collaboration with his arranger, Ras Kelly, of the Small Axe Band. This he explained is only stopped when they are convinced that they have created the perfect rhythm for the particular rendition. 

Another critical part of the process he stated was staying healthy and focused. These he explained are necessary, especially when you begin to refine your lyrics. This helps to boost confidence; but the most important factor which he said ties everything together is the love and support he receives from his family.  

An interesting secret was disclosed by the King. His notebook of lyrics was full of content; and he almost chose another song to perform.  His initial selection was “Absolutely Nonsense” but after discussions with family and friends, he decided to switch to “Zoo Boat”, which on the night helped him to capture the crown, defeating the likes of defending monarch, King Rock-a-Fella, (First Runner-up) and former King De Unexpected, (Second Runner-up). The other contenders were Persuader, Lala, Aba Lively, Lord Matt and Little Willy.

The King said he felt like he received a shower of blessings for being able to capture the crown.  His confidence level was high yet he wanted to maintain a feeling of humbleness since he believed all performances were great and that the crown was for anyone to capture. The emotions kicked in however when finally the crown was being placed on his head by the reigning National Carnival Queen, Miss Kalia Huggins.

It was a competition that delivered on its promise of great entertainment. The contest was slightly delayed in starting by a mere 30 minutes, after being advertised to commence at 9:00 pm, but the anxiety of the audience soon disappeared when the first guest artistes took to the stage: Pa-u-la, Shango and King Pungwa. Other guest artistes appearing were Forest, Trashrow, Godfrey, Mighty Takeover and Lord Black.

The versatile Carlton “Licky Bud” Dupont kept the crowd very much alive with his humour and wit throughout the evening’s proceedings. It was during this portion of the show that MC DuPont expressed his concerns that so many talented performing artistes, year after year; take to the stage, never to gain a place in the semi-finals or finals of the Senior Calypso Monarch Competition, much less to win a title or crown.  DuPont said he felt however that because they keep returning every year to perform and entertain the people, it showed a high sense of dedication; and that is why, said Dupont, it is so important to support the King of Tents competition because it serves as the only contest in which some of these calypsonians can partake.

Dupont, who is a well-known fan of the art-form of calypso, was very instrumental in donating EC$5,000, as part of the prize money for the competition. The donation was actually made by his company, Dupont’s Jewelry, of which he is the sole owner and also manager.

He said this truly is a measure of their dedication to the craft (calypso) and to carnival.All the Artistes performed exceptionally and showed great passion.  Some donned costumes and used props, while others allowed the humour of their lyrics to carry the weight of their performances.

The energy levels were high from each of the eight competitors but also from the patrons; with many of them raising and waving their hands in the air supporting their favourite calypsonians.

The King and other winners were chosen by the people via cell phone text message voting as well as through an online poll on

Amongst the companies that sponsored the event were ZIZ, Dupont’s Jewelry,, 17 Degrees and LIME, who provided great support for the competition; including a Samsung Galaxy cell phone for the winner, cash donation of EC$1,000,$50.00 top- ups for each competitor, free internet bandwidth to facilitate the live video stream and telephone lines for the radio broadcast. The company also collaborated in making the text platform possible for the public to vote for the winner.

According to a spokesman from the Organizing Committee, this is the third year that LIME has supported the initiative and their contribution is a clear testimony to the company’s dedication and commitment to carnival and calypso in particular.

The competition was jointly hosted by and ZIZ Radio and Television.

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