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Kite Flying at Black Rocks Growing in Strength

 The event was organized by the Constituency #7 Branch to rekindle the interest of the young generation in the tradition of kite flying, as a major element of the Easter festivities.

Commenting on the event, Parliamentary representative for the area, Dr. Timothy Harris stated that this year’s event attracted a notable increase of kite flyers and spectators compared to that of 2011.

He said “This year for example, we had over thirty plus registrants for kite flying, about three times the number from last year and a very large following of enthusiasts.“

Harris also revealed that over $2,000 was distributed in cash and non-cash prizes to the winners.

Among the celebrated winners were Tren Mc Coy, who was the youngest registrant, Norris Taylor being the oldest registrant, Sarah Mills won the prize for her kite going the farthest distance and Kellian Hazel won four awards namely: the biggest kite, the highest flown, the prettiest kite on display and producing the most creative kite.

According to Dr Harris, the event is growing from strength to strength and is fast becoming a major event in the constituency and he is proud of the progress made thus far.

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