Kittitian Super Model Demands $50k Per Month in Child Support Payments from NBA Baller

An Ontario court judge is currently considering if the amount demanded by Percival is reasonable for the NBA Star to  be forced to pay the mother of his two-year-old daughter.

Alana is a 25-year-old college student studying early childhood education who metJohnson several years ago and gave birth in September 2013 to his daughter, Amelia.

Percival says in court documents that she and the NBA Baller Johnson  lived together for 18 months. However  Johnson labeled the  relationship as , “was at best a ‘casual sexual relationship’ and that they were ‘not in a committed relationship at any time.’”

alana-and-baby34In October, an Ontario judge is expected to revisit a question that’s important to many millionaire professional athletes: how much child support should an athlete be forced to pay, considering their high salaries don’t last forever.

Percival is seeking child support of $50,000 a month.  According to her Lawyers  the amount is actually less than the $113,000 per month ($1.355 million per year) to which she is entitled.

Percival’s  proposed budget is approximately $84,000 per month, which yields an aggregate of yearly expenses in excess of $1 million,” says an Ontario Superior Court filing. “Plainly, this is a significant amount of money. Equally plainly, however, the respondent Johnson  is earning a very significant income, “  the court documents continued.

Alana is the daughter of  well known St.Kitts Golf Pro Zeke Percival and the Neice of Caribbean Boxing Legend Fighting Hunks.


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