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Kittitians to be Trained by NCL/ISD St. Kitts Ltd

At a launch event held on Thursday night, (12th April, 2012), at the St. Kitts Marriott, International Sales Manager of the National Chemical Laboratories,( NCL), in the USA, Mr. Maxwell Hampshire, revealed that four staff members of their St. Kitts based authorized distributor, ISD St. Kitts Limited, will shortly be sent for overseas training.

He explained that the one week training that they will receive, should adequately equip them with the requisite skills and knowledge to guide customers in their use of the cleaning products that will be made available on the local market. While some training of staff will be held in Atlanta, USA, other aspects of skills learning will be acquired in St. Maarten, where the parent company of ISD St. Kitts Ltd, is located.

ISD officials said that the new brand of cleaning supplies is suitable for private residences and the commercial sector.

Quite a number of such brands were introduced to dozens of individuals, involved in the cleaning sector during the launch.

The NCL brand, said officials, plays a role in the sanitary maintenance industry, providing world class cleaning solutions for almost 60 years.

NCL provides an array of cleaning supplies developed in their laboratory located in Philadelphia.

NCL’s International Sales Manager Maxwell Hampshire indicated that the company manufactures over 245 different products and offers supplies of a unique quality.

He added that the firm is a family owned business which started in 1946 manufacturing soaps and shampoos and indicated that the actual NCL brand started in 1997.

Hampshire also stated that the company has a strict quality control policy and added they are very stringent on the raw materials used for manufacturing in order to keep the consistency of the products.

The mission of the NCL company states, “Our mission is to create and support high-performance, user-friendly and cost-effective cleaning solutions for distribution throughout the world.”

ISD St. Kitts Limited has been designated the Authorized Distributor for all NCL products in the federation.

CEO of the ISD companies Mr. Alex Dijkoffz told following the launch that he was pleased with the turn out, adding that the response so far has been exceptional and he believes the company would be successful here in St. Kitts.

He added that one of the reasons they will achieve success is due to the support the company will bring in the various areas of cleaning, indicating that whatever is required of them, they will get the job completed.

Dijkoffz said that he chose to come to St. Kitts after a study of the market and realised the potential the market will offer.ncl4

The evening also included a product demonstration where one product called ‘Sha-Zyme’ wowed the individuals on hand who witnessed a video presentation of the commodity at work.

Some of the products that were launched included: carpet care, multipurpose cleaners, degreasers, deodorants, disinfectants, dispensing systems, environmentally responsible, floor care, glass cleaners, hand care, industrial care, restroom care, stone care solutions and wood care.

Hampshire during his presentation also indicated that the NCL Company will soon be releasing some dish washing liquid as well as some laundry detergents.

A number of invited business representatives who participated in the free raffle, won various prizes. Winners included Foyer Cleaning Services, Frigate Bay Resort, Timothy Beach Resort, Garth Archibald and Denny Dasent, winning free samples of some cleaning solutions.


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