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Konris and Labour are better for #3, says Maynard

The opening of the St. Kitts and Nevis Labour Party constituency office in Newton Ground saw several of their candidates in full campaign mood, addressing and delivering short speeches on several issues in the Federation.

But the “unstoppable force” himself wasted no time in telling the people of constituency #6 that “Labour and Konris” would be a better choice for residents in number three.  

“This is the year of RED and readiness… Labour is the only answer. Labour is unstoppable, and right here in number six, the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas is unstoppable. They can’t even find somebody to run against him,” Konris said.

The politician added that his opponent is finding it hard to ‘catch-up’ with him, adding that his “hard work” in West Basseterre has already started with the redevelopment of the community.

“In number three, they can’t believe what is happening. We (are) pulling out so much in front that they resorting to lies and mischief to try to stop this unstoppable force. But it can’t happen,” Konris said.

Konris also said that he has also started several of the work that was left abandoned by the current representative in West Basseterre, adding that as a former Labour minister, he betrayed his community.

He added that the communities in West Basseterre have “never seen” the type of progress that he has done while campaigning for office. Konris also stated that based on his work in the communities, he is confident against his opponent.


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