Kris Humphries Accused Of Ripping Off Bev Hills Suit Shop

K.H. is being sued by Scott Hill who claims he was approached by Kris and Kim Kardashian a few years ago in the hopes he would provide clothes for Kris. 

According to the lawsuit, Hill says he struck an interesting deal with Kris I’ll give you a 30% discount on clothes if you introduce me to at least 2 of your NBA player friends to my store within 12 months. 

Hill says the NBA players didn’t even have to buy anything he just wanted an intro. Easy enough, right? 

According to Hill’s suit, Kris agreed to the deal and proceeded to buy more than $46k in merchandise using his massive discount. 

Problem is Hill claims Kris not only failed to deliver on his end of the bargain but he still owes more than $6k in unpaid suit bills. 

Hill’s suing for more than $52k in damages plus interest. No word back from KH’s camp.

Reprinted from TMZ.

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