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KRIS JENNER STABS BACK at Facelift Lawsuit

As TMZ previously reported … mama Kardashian was sued by B&P cosmetics in 2011, after they claimed her facelift tarnished the reputation of their product “Beautiful Eyes in a Bag” — for which Jenner was the celebrity spokeswoman.kris-launch-credit-1

KJ has fired back — solidifying her previous claim that the facelift didn’t affect her eyes, or her ability to endorse the product — by filing a countersuit last month in Ohio.

In legal docs, Kris says she held up her end of the deal and alleges B&P is exploiting her well-publicized trip under the knife in order to squirm out of their contract.

According to docs, Jenner wants to keep the $305k advance B&P gave her and seeks compensatory damages and legal fees for the entire ordeal.

A judge has yet to rule.





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