Kris Jenner Truly is the Queen of Misdirection

After reading yesterday’s interview with Khloe Kardashian, hearing how she claimed that her own mother wanted her to get a nose job at the tender young age of 9, most people clapped and cackled gleefully at the thought that Kris Jenner might — at that very moment! — be slinking into her Kardashian hideyhole, tail firmly wedged between her legs, licking her wounds while the Internet came down around her. 

After that, they probably cried for Khloe, because what a sad, awful thing to overhear when you’re just a child who’s not even supposed to be thinking about others’ perceptions of your appearance. 

… But the bit about Kris Jenner slinking anywhere just isn’t so, friends. In most perfect passive aggressive form, Kris both tweeted and Instagrammed Khloe’s Cosmopolitan cover with the simple comments, “Look who’s on the cover of the February 2014 issue of  @CosmopolitanUK?!? Drop dead gorgeous @KhloeKardashian!” and “Beyond gorgeous, @KhloeKardashian! I love this cover!” 

On a regular old day, it’d be a sweet sentiment, but all it makes us think is that it really is too bad that those words weren’t uttered when Khloe needed to hear them most — like when she was a mere 9 years old and beginning to question what her own mother thought of her face. 

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