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Labour Day Security Chief Commends Marchers/Revellers for General Good Behaviour

Superintendent Liburd, Commander for District ‘A’, in speaking exclusively this this media house, explained that a security plan was created and executed on 2nd May, 2011. He explained that there was one incident which had the potential of disrupting the march. Barring that, however, he noted that the event was practically uneventful.

“A group of young men were taken off the road. They appeared to be problematic for the march and they had to be extracted in order to secure the integrity of the march and not to expose the citizenry to any harm. But basically the march went fairly well and we are happy that nothing serious happened during the march.”security1

He commended the security forces for “a job well done” and expressed concern about the lyrics which were being played at the jam session, which, as he explained, may have fuelled the unruly behaviour of the revellers.

“There were some seemingly unruly thugs who came out to create concern for the security forces. Outside of those, everything went well and I believe that – when I listened to the music that the guys were jamming to especially the Kollision Band – the lyrics fuelled how these guys were getting on in the band.

He issued a call to the bands to exercise care in in constructing their lyrical arrangements, especially in light of the foregoing.

“I would want to suggest to band owners to be careful in the future with the type of lyrics that they compose and sing especially when there is jamming because they fuel a specific type of behaviour and give the security forces more work.”



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