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The Attorney General’s expert witness, Ted Chiappari, was scheduled to give evidence supporting the government’s claim that Hon. Eugene Hamilton possesses a US Passport and also to state that a green card holder has to pledge allegiance to the US and denounce their allegiance to any other country as is required by anyone seeking US citizenship. However in his affidavit, Chiappari,  who is a prominent immigration lawyer in New York swore on oath that a green card holder is not required to pledge any allegiance to the USA. He further stated that a green card holder is merely an authorized permanent resident of the United States with the right to work and live.

Chiappari’s affidavit strengthened the case of the Hon. Eugene Hamilton and as such it is telling that the expert witness was instructed by the Attorney General’s Office and Counsel for the petitioner Cedric Liburd not to show up to give evidence on behalf of Liburd.

Expert witness for the First Respondent the Hon. Eugene Hamilton,  Lawyer Sherfield Bowen was the only expert witness that appeared and gave evidence at the July 23rd hearing. Bowen is a Senior Attorney-at-Law and is qualified to practice in both the Eastern Caribbean and the United States of America and has experience in handling over 1,000 citizenship and immigration cases. Bowen took the stand and stated that based on his vast knowledge and expertise of US immigration and citizenship law, a green card holder is not under any allegiance to the United States of America and is also under no obligation to pledge allegiance in the future.

Both Mr. Sherfield Bowen who testified at the hearing and the Attorney General’s expert witness, Ted Chiappari who swore an affidavit, affirmed that the Constituency#8 Parliamentary Representative is not under any allegiance or adherence to the United States.

Closing submissions in the case will take place on Monday July 26th.

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