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Labour to Begin Process to Replace Harris

While thanking Dr. Harris for his years of service, leader of the party, Dr. Denzil Douglas has indicated that the time has come to “move on” from Harris.

“I want to thank him for his services as the Labour Party representative. But it is time to move on and move on we must,” stated Douglas when he met with party supporters last Wednesday night (6th March), at the Joshua Obadiah Williams Primary School in Molinuex.

Among other things, Douglas is reported to have told supporters, from throughout the island, thatDr. Harris “has made it absolutely clear that he is no longer with the Labour Party, nor the Labour Government. Yesterday (5th March), he signed with five others, a letter that was sent to the Governor General and with a statement to the press. They (Harris and the other parliamentarian, Sam Condor of West Basseterre) have made it absolutely clear that they no longer support the Labour Party (and) Government,” said Prime Minister Douglas.

The Labour party official claimed that his former colleagues have indicated their support for the people’s Action Movement, PAM, and the opposition in Parliament.

“He, having declared that he no longer wishes to represent the Labour Party in this constituency, we as the National Executive tonight will make sure that we put in place the necessary structures to move beyond Harris in this constituency,” said Dr. Douglas.

Also attending the meeting with Douglas were members of the National Executive Committee, Branch members and senior government officialsincluding Dr. Asim Martin, Glenn Phillip, Nigel Carty, Marcella Liburd.

Members of the media were not invited to the meeting that was described as a “closed” party event.



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