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Labourites Urged to be Ready for Action

For many political observers Douglas could have been teasing Labourites about a possible early general election that even the main opposition party, the People’s Action Movement, PAM, feels will be called much earlier than the constitutionally mandated period in 2015. However, other political watchers caution that it is not the first time that Douglas has used his Labour Day address to create election expectations that did not materialize.

He said that they should become mobilized, vigilant, and steadfast. The Labour Party leader indicated that though the country is facing difficult times his administration has been demonstrating that it is committed to advance the country for the benefit of the citizens.

Dr. Douglas told his followers that Labour Day 2012 should also be viewed as a day to signal that the party is mobilized.

“I call on you wherever you are in your constituencies, in your communities to get on the move and become mobilized, mobilized for action, because neither you or I know when the action is going to be called for the Labour Movement of this country,” said Dr. Douglas.

Though elections are not due for another three years, it is widely believed that the government is thinking of an early poll given the many problems currently being experienced within and the in-fighting between the leader Douglas, his Deputy Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Sam Condor, and Douglas’ poor relations with Party Chairman and Senior Government Minister, Dr. Timothy Harris.

The past two years have been filled with moments of public squabble between these senior party leaders and it is also the view of some observers that Douglas may be harbouring thoughts of replacing both Harris and Condor as candidates in the next elections.

This has therefore given more reason for some political pundits to pay careful attention to this month’s Labour Party annual convention, which in recent years has exposed just how divided the party has become.




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