Labour’s St. Christopher #3 caretaker launches softball cricket league

The statement went on to reveal that the league would commence on at 2:00pm on Sunday, February 2nd. He said, the league will have a “three-over per side knock-out competition. This community building league, over the coming weeks, will feature teams from around the Constituency of St. Christopher #3 including: Boyds-West Farm-Palmeto Point; Camps; Buckleys; Lime Kiln; Ingrid’s Bar; Trafalgar; Trafalgar SouthStars; St. Johnston; Hayne Smith and; Shadwell.”

Mr. Maynard stated further, “bring family and friends to the newly-lit Lime Kiln Play Field on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons and evenings to enjoy some Cricket, lovely Cricket! League games will be 15 overs a side setting the stage for some exciting cricket.” 

Konris Maynard is the Labour Party’s candidate to replace Sam Condor who parted ways with the Labour Party one year ago to join the People’s Action Movement. Maynard is the newest member of the Labour Party’s 75% new slate since its 1995 victory at the polls. The Party will seek a historic fifth Term in Office at the next General Election.

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